Highly Quality Lab Created Diamonds - Arctic Ice

Arctic Ice Lab Grown Diamonds are the best of the best. We only select the best material, the most beautiful, and the most accurately graded lab made diamonds. All of our loose lab created diamonds are inscribed “Lab Grown” to verify the origin. Arctic Ice Lab Grown diamonds are the highest quality lab created loose diamonds at the best price.

High Quality Lab created diamonds (also referred to as man made diamonds, lab grown diamonds, and synthetic diamonds) are grown in highly-controlled laboratory conditions that simulate the earth’s natural growing environment, creating REAL LAB CREATED DIAMONDS that are optically, chemically and atomically identical to earth-mined diamonds.

Our lab diamonds are grown from the tiny carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds. Advanced technology – either extreme pressure and heat or a special deposition process – mimics the natural method of diamond formation. Lab grown diamonds are formed when small amounts of specific trace elements are present during the growth phase of the diamond, just like in nature. In both white and fancy colored lab made diamonds, the exact composition of trace elements may differ from their natural diamond counterparts. Lab diamonds can only be distinguished from natural diamonds using specialized equipment that can detect the minor differences in trace elements and crystal growth.

Our diamonds created in lab are now readily available in a variety of colorless ranges. Loose lab created diamonds are also available in fancy colors that are considered very rare in nature, including popular hues of vivid fancy yellow. Diamonds lab created sell at comparatively reasonable prices compared to their natural colored diamond counterparts.

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