Taking the Fear Out of Shopping for an Engagement Ring


Oct 12 2016 Comments

After years of bad dates, crazy relationships and messy breakups, you finally found her.  The girl who can put your mind at ease after a stressful day simply by seeing her smile.  She’s the one who turns that boring trip to the grocery store into an epic adventure with side splitting laughter.  When you get exciting news, she is the first one you want to tell.  She just gets you…and you can’t imagine life without her.  Suddenly all those love songs you used to make fun of start to make sense. And that’s when you know.

Shopping for Engagement Rings

Lab Created Diamonds vs. Real Diamonds


Jul 15 2016 Comments

lab created diamonds

The key difference between a lab created diamond and a mined diamond is how they are produced. A lab created diamond is made by a technological process (man-made) and a natural diamond is created by a natural geological process in nature. In addition, lab created diamonds can also be regarded as HPHT diamonds or CVD diamonds which are technically named after the style of the production process.

Lab created diamonds are a good alternative to real ones, but many people seem to be skeptical of diamonds that are laboratory created. However, it is almost impossible for an experienced jeweler to tell a lab created diamond from a real or natural stone. The only clear difference is the lab created diamond has a laser etched stamp letting the owner know that the stone was not mined, but lab created. Certification houses require special equipment to ascertain whether a stone is lab-grown or natural.

It is highly unlikely for someone to identify a lab created diamond as a man-made stone just by looking at it with the bare eye, or even with a loop. Okay, let’s see what lab created diamonds really are and how they compare to naturally existing diamonds.

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